Football Information

Updated Thursday July 28, 2016 by Dave Verrone.

Frequently Asked Questions about the football program

1. When does the season start? Although games do not usually start until late August, our ‘training’ camp/practices will start the first week of that August.

2. What about practices? Practice will be held 4 nights a week during August for both football and cheering. This time is to work skill development and team play, as many have not participated before. There are strict AYF rules with regards to the amount of practice time required before any player can suit up, make contact, or participate in the season. Once school begins practice will drop down to 3 nights a week. 

3. What equipment do I need to buy for football? NYFC will provide football equipment with the exception of cleats, and athletic supporter/cup. The equipment will also include both practice and game uniforms. 

4. Where are the Practices/Games to be held? Practice locations are at Miscoe Hill School, Mendon, MA. Games will be played at Miscoe. 

5. When are games? Games usually start in late August. Each team will have an 8 or 9 game schedule. All teams except the youngest, Mitey Mites are eligible for playoffs, which could add another 3 weeks to the season. Some football games are played on our home field but all teams are traveling teams and will be scheduled to play out of town as well. Games will be held either Saturday or Sunday.

6. Do you have minimum or mandatory number of plays for football players? Yes, the American Youth Football Organization has mandatory/minimum play rules in place. This varies depending upon level of team and number of players. There will be a person that will keep track of this at every game. 

7. How are Teams Divided and how many teams will there be? We follow the American Youth Football Conference All American Division, which is a grade based and age protected. 

8. What type of Parent participation and fundraising is involved? Fundraising is an essential part of the program. There will be several fundraising activities and programs that all parents should participate in.NYFC relies on the generous help of our parents/family members and our community to make our organization a success.

Amended and Restated Bylaws of NYFC May 2017.pdf